We love tea. We really love tea. It's a passion (and sometimes an obsession). We also love feeling good and making other people feel great.

tea & tub is our way of sharing those feelings with the world. tea & tub body scrubs are always 100% natural, organic where possible, with no artificial ingredients or preservatives, you might even say they are "good enough to steep". Our products are a work in progress, and we are always looking to innovate into better, more natural scrubs.


tea & tub is created and curated by Natasha. The concept for tea & tub was inspired by two stories. . .

"Your skin is a sponge." - Natasha's Grandfather

I grew up hearing my grandfather say this to me. I never fully embraced them until I found out I was pregnant.

I always tried to eat healthy. I understood that was a good thing, but once I found out I was making a little person I dove into research that made my grandfather's words real. I was astonished to learn about the damaging ingredients that go into very common products, especially in the world of beauty products.

"We can use your tea collection for a down-payment on a house." - Natasha's Husband

My tea collection. My husband's perspective. Some hyberbole.

Tea, like wine, is something that has been with civilization for a long time. Tea production is not simply "one size fits all." Each tea type has a different process. It amazes me that one plant can produce so many varieties of delicious drinks. You can add flowers, or fruit, herbs or spices and get something completely new. And then, there is how to steep it properly. Each tea type is slightly different. Once you finally have your steaming cup of tea, be it green, black, or herbal you now get to sit back and enjoy. Whether it is with a good book, or an ice cube.

No cup is ever the same and that's the best part.

I then began to experiment with making my own spa products. Being an avid tea drinker I naturally began to combine these into my concoctions as well. tea & tub combines the passion of tea with the belief that skin care products should be made from real ingredients.

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